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GENESIS The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Ultimate Record is almost ready to put out to pre-order. It will be hard back, 30x25cm and about 180 pages of colour and B/W photographs. Most never before seen. Here are some sample pages, which may or may not be in the final book exactly as you see them here. Steve Hackett has contributed a message.


Orders placed through our special channel from those registered email addresses we have on file and any new orders placed between the opening of the pre-order and the closing of it, will all receive an exclusive A4 24 page booklet of pictures from the Six of The Best Womad benefit show at Milton Keynes from 1982. Here are a few pages released for your eyes only. These are subject to change and may not make the final booklet.




The pre-order button will appear on the website on or after Monday 1st September, so keep a look out. Many thanks for your patience.




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