1981 circa
 clockwise: Rino Pastore (with the red t-shirt) keyboards and vocals,
Salvatore Silvestri vocals and drums, Carmine Ielardi bass, Tony Scognamiglio guitar

ALGEBRA 1983/1984

Rino Pastore: keyboards and vocals (1980-today)

Salvatore Silvestri: drums (1980-1998)

Carmine Ielardi: bass (1980-1983)

Mario Giammetti: vocals, guitars, bass (1983-today)

Pietro Pastore: bass (1983-1984)

Live San Giorgio del Sannio, Festa dell'Unitą, 24th September 1983
Line up: Mario (vocals, guitar), Pietro (bass), Salvatore (drums), Rino (keyboards, vocals).
At the time Algebra plays a mixture of original tunes (A Prayer, You Can't, Il muro,
The Clouds Are Always Present, Gente che vive
) and covers (Pink Floyd, Genesis, Pino Daniele).

November 1983. L-R: Mario, Renato, Pietro, Rino.
This is a short time line up of Algebra, during Salvatore Silvestri's vacation,
with drummer Renato Trapani and bass player Pietro Pastore.


Algebra's promotional postcard 1984
L-R Rino, Pietro, Salvatore, Renato, Mario

After Salvatore's coming back at the drummer seat, Renato Trapani switches to rhythm guitar and piano.
This line up only lasts a few months in early 1984. The band set list features again covers mixed with an increasing number
of original cuts (A Prayer, You Can't, Il Muro, The Clouds Are Always Present, Il ladro romantico, Gente che vive, Sviluppi).

Live April 21st 1984 at Benevento Palasport.
L-R Rino (keyboards, vocals), Pietro (bass, acoustic guitar), Mario (lead vocals,
lead guitar), Salvatore (drums), Renato Trapani (rhythm guitar, piano, backing vocals).


TAXIRUM 1985/1988

At the end of 1984, Mario is contacted by the guitarist Cristofaro Pascale, who is looking for a bass player.
Mario (also the lead vocalist) brings with him Rino on keyboards and they contact a drummer called Michelangelo Sirignano.
This band is initially called Nodo Scorsoio and later Mythus.
With this line up they record in 1985 a demo with three songs: Cercando il volo, Verso il nulla and Claudia.
Michelangelo leaves in the summer.

Mythus 1985/86
on the sofa: Cris Pascale and Michelangelo Sirignano
on the floor: Mario and Rino.
After Michelangelo's departure, Mythus call back Salvatore Silvestri.
The band changes name in Crisam and later in Taxirum.

Taxirum 1986 (ph Augusto Giammetti)
L-R Mario Giammetti (bass, lead vocals), Salvatore Silvestri (drums), Cris Pascale (guitar),
Rino Pastore (keyboards)

Taxirum record three demo tapes in 1985/86.
They all include original songs penned by the members of the band:
Un'immagine a lato, Marcel, Dietro un ambiente, Battelli sulla senna, Spazi aperti, Echi lontani,
Vibrazioni, Da un'idea del momento, Dopo una storia

Last Taxirum concert, Spring 1988. Rino Pastore

Mario Giammetti

Salvatore Silvestri

Cris Pascale, later known as Ghibli





Algebra spring 1994: Rino, Mario and Salvatore (ph. Augusto Giammetti)

Algebra summer 1994: after the recording of Dusk for the Genesis tribute album.
L-R: Silvia Ricciardi (violin), Salvatore, Mario, Maria Giammetti (sax), Rino.

Benevento, 14th September 1995
Algebra perform at the prestigious Cittą Spettacolo.
The unexpected rain forces the band to play in a different venue, still in the ancient part of the town.
Line up for this show is, L-R:
Italo Polcino (sax), Rino Pastore (keyboards), Mario Giammetti (vocals, guitars), Salvatore Silvestri (drums),
Roberto Polcino (keyboards, accordion), Pierluigi Bartolo Gallo (bass).

Roberto Polcino. From this show on, he is a permament Algebra member.

Salvatore Silvestri

Rino Pastore

January 1996
Genesis tribute tour

After the release of The River Of Constant Change, the Genesis tribute album,
a short tour of North Italy is arranged in January 1996.
This is the poster of the tour attached at Sonny Boy club in Conegliano Veneto.

Algebra line up for this performance. L-R
Mario (vocals, guitars, bass), Salvatore (drums), Maria (sax), Roberto (accordion), Rino (synhtesizer)

Giammetti brothers. Maria's sax became a strong feature of any Algebra's recording since then.

Maria, Roberto and Rino rise up the stairway to Sonny Boy's heaven,
surrounded by the bills of the musicians who had played in that club before.

Roberto Polcino

Other tribute albums


1996: recording sessions of Song Within A Song for the Camel tribute.
L-R Rino, Maria, Salvatore, Mario, Roberto

Mario recording vocals for Song Within A Song


Salvatore Silvestri leaves Algebra.
For the recording of Felona e Sorona, for the Zarathustra's Revenge 4 cd box set,
the band calls a session drummer.
L-R Rino, Roberto, Maria, Mario


At the end of the year, Algebra have finally a new drummer: the expert Francesco Ciani


With the addition of Franco, Algebra reaches the line up to date:
L-R Maria, Rino, Mario, Franco, Roberto.
This pic was shot during a pause of the recording sessions of Take A Pebble,
for the Emerson, Lake & Palmer tribute album


L-R: Mario, Maria, Roberto, Franco, Rino
During the recordings of De-Constructing Wyatt for the Canterbury tribute album.

Vigevano Prog Festival

Algebra were due to perform before Steve Hackett band at Vigevano in July 2000.
Family reasons inducted Mario to renounce to the performance, when the tickets had already been printed.

Jonathan Livingston sessions


Rino Pastore

Mario Giammetti

Roberto Polcino

Maria Giammetti

Francesco Ciani

Silvia Ricciardi and Raffaele Tiseo: they played violins on some tracks of Il Gabbiano


For Il volo perfetto Algebra got a strong performance from Osanna's lead singer Lino Vairetti, here with Mario

Listening to the results: Lino Vairetti with Rino Pastore


Rome, 10th March 2003.
L-R Maria, Mario, Roberto at the legendary venue Big Mama (ph. Cesko Giammetti).
A reduced acoustic line up of Algebra performs two songs live (Genesis' Ripples and Jethro Tull's Up To Me)
at the Legends Night, an evening where Editori Riuniti presents some of its books. Algebra's performance
is justified by Mario's forthcoming book "Genesis - Il fiume del costante cambiamento"

Benevento, 24th October 2003 - Masone bookshop.
Mario (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass), Franco (drums, vocals), Rino (synthesizer, bass) and
Roberto (piano, synhtesizer)  join to the presentation of the book "Racconti a 33 giri".
They play three Italian songs: Vorrei comprare una strada (New Trolls), Gioco di bimba / Ho difeso
il mio amore
(Le Orme / Profeti) and Impressioni di settembre (PFM).


Naples, 19th May 2004
Franco and Mario (ph. Nando Caserta)
Algebra perform at the FNAC shop in Naples presenting Mario's book
"Genesis - Il fiume del costante cambiamento". The band plays seven Genesis songs: Dusk, Time Table,
I Know What I Like, Afterglow, No Son Of Mine
and Not About Us with this line up:
Mario (vocals and acoustic guitar), Roberto (piano), Rino (synthesizer), Franco (drums and backing vocals).

Naples, 19th May 2004
Rino and Roberto (ph. Nando Caserta)

Benevento, 24th June 2004 - Masone bookshop.
Another Mario's book "Genesis - Il fiume del costante cambiamento" presentation.
Algebra plays the same songs as in Naples.
L-R Franco, Roberto, Mario and Rino (ph. Salvatore Intragna)

Benevento, 24th June 2004
Legendary Le Orme former keyboard player Tony Pagliuca speaks to the public during Mario's book presentation.
L-R the host Donato Zoppo, Tony Pagliuca and Mario Giammetti (ph. Salvatore Intragna)

September 2004.
L-R seated: Roberto, Franco; standing: Rino, Maria, Mario.
The latest line up of Algebra after the recording of Dear Diary for the Moody Blues tribute album.


2009 - JL

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Rino Pastore

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Maria Giammetti

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Mario Giammetti

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Roberto Polcino

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Franco Ciani

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2019 - Deconstructing Classics


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