Dear Diary

(from Higher And Higher - A Tribute To The Moody Blues)

Mellow Records MMP 481 ABC 3 CD March 2006

Francesco Ciani: drums, percussion

Maria Giammetti: soprano sax

Mario Giammetti: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass

Rino Pastore: keyboards

Roberto Polcino: keyboards


Recorded at M.U.R Studio, Benevento, September 2004


Mario: "Once again we did a personal version of this obscure Moody classic. The original was a bluesy song, we gave it a different breath with an acoustic structure but also a nearly Beatles-esque feel thanks to the strings. The saxophone part was improvised on a new chord sequence written by Roberto and Rino. Strangely enough, this song needed nearly two years before emerging on this much delayed tribute album".