This Train Is My Life

(from recital For A Season's End - A Tribute To Marillion)

Mellow Records MMP 507 ABC 3 CD February 2010

Roberto Polcino: keyboards, programming

Rino Pastore: keyboards, programming

Francesco Ciani: drums

Maria Giammetti: soprano and alto saxes

Mario Giammetti: lead & backing vocals, bass, electric guitar


Recorded at M.U.R Studio, Benevento, September 2009


Mario: "We could call this one the swimming pool cover. Rino ad myself discussed of it while swimming in August, and we worked on the song separately. Rino and Roberto did the structure, Francesco recorded drums at his home, then Maria and myself added our parts. I used a vintage wah-wah for some guitar parts, while vocals proved to be pretty difficult, hence the three harmony vocals in the middle".