Que Hacer

(from Mās Che Never - Tributo ufficiale a Luis Miguel)

Ululati dall'Underground WMWDTGA 025 - CD, November 2006

Francesco Ciani: drums

Mario Giammetti: vocals, bass, electric and acoustic guitars

Rino Pastore: keyboards, programming, heavy breath

Roberto Polcino: keyboards, programming

Recorded at Digital Studio, Benevento, on January 2006

Mario: "We fancied the idea to try to do something really different from our usual stuff. We were approached by the Italian fan club of the South American artist along with the label Ululati dall'Undergorund and we were told they wanted remakes and not carbon copies. Which is exactly what Algebra was doing since more than 10 years! We changed completely the arrangement, and a pop song with a rich sound as it was the original, turned into a ballad which mixes electronics and a strong acoustic component. Rino Pastore wrote English lyrics for the song, whose English title is What Should I Do, and for the first time we had to renounce to Maria Giammetti's saxophone, as she was living in New York at the time. But we think the spirit of Algebra is intact in its wish to be different every time. At least, we hope so!".