Up To Me

(from Songs For Jethro)

Il Popolo del Blues PDB 2000 010-2 CD June 2000

Mario Giammetti: lead & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass

Roberto Polcino: keyboards, programming

Francesco Ciani: drums, percussion

Rino Pastore: programming, keyboards

Maria Giammetti: soprano saxophone

Recorded at M.U.R Studio, Benevento, 2000


Mario: "After Wyatt's experience, we were starting to understand better our studio. And in fact the recording of this Ian Anderson's classic shows a better sound quality. At the beginning we were uncertain between Up To Me and Wind-Up, another song from Aqualung. The former proved to be better for a reinterpretation, but we enclosed a short version of Wind-Up as well at the end of this version. This was actually done only with my acoustic guitar and a choir of six people: myself, Rino, Roberto, Maria, my nephew Francesco Giammetti and his then girlfriend Valentina Cillo. We called this the 'drunk choir' because it was done with no rehearsals and some of the vocals were obviously out of tune. Unfortunately this part was edited (as it was the very beginning) from the compilers of the CD. On the other hand, Il Popolo del Blues did an excellent work balancing the sounds and the volumes of the various cover versions on the album, something missing from the previous tribute albums. Please note Roberto's atonal bagpipe solo!".