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(from Steppes Beyond The Colossus – Steve Hackett - Tribute To Genesis Solo Careers)

Mellow Records MMP 526 – cd – June 2014


Francesco Ciani: acoustic drums, percussion, eletronics, backing vocals

Maria Giammetti: also and soprano saxes, backing vocals

Mario Giammetti: lead & harmony vocals, bass, electric, acoustic and classical guitars

Roberto Polcino: keyboards and programming

Rino Pastore: keyboards and programming

Enrico Falbo (guest): violas

Simone Giammetti (guest): growl


Recorded at Maria’s Little Home Studio, Benevento, mid 2013

Mario: "The choice of this one, among the huge Hackett repertoire, was pretty unavoidable for me. The original song was originated by a text sent by Nick Clabburn to Steve from my then house in August 2008. Nick that night didn’t manage to sleep, so he just texted to Steve: “all the sleepers send you their dreams”. Hackett was so hit by the poetry of the sentence that he built a wonderful song around it. Algebra’s version, however, had to be different, so we tried various stuff inside our cover. We included parts of violas, well played by Enrico Falbo, and then Roberto came out with a sort of Celtic middle section. To complete our version, I just thought it was necessary to impersonate the nightmarish part of the original song asking to my son Simone to add some growl vocals (thanks, Oriana). And so there you have it: Algebra at their weird best!”.


Pubblicato il tributo a Steve Hackett

E' disponibile su etichetta Mellow Records il cd "Steppes Beyond The Colossus – Steve Hackett - Tribute To Genesis Solo Careers", che vede la partecipazione di vari gruppi italiani e stranieri.

Gli Algebra partecipano con una cover di "Sleepers".

Per informazioni: http://mellowrecords.bandcamp.com/track/sleepers

Steppes Beyond The Colossus – Steve Hackett - Tribute To Genesis Solo Careers

(Mellow Records MMP 523 – CD giugno 2014; con il brano Sleepers)