Funny Ways

(from Giant For A Life - Gentle Giant Tribute)

Mellow Records MMP 300 - 2 CD, March 1997

Mario Giammetti: lead, backing & maniac vocals, bass, 6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars, whistle

Rino Pastore: ring, steps, answering voice, synth

Roberto Polcino: piano, organ, synthesizers, programming

Salvatore Silvestri: acoustic drums & percussion, chimes

Maria Giammetti: soprano sax

Recorded at Digital Studio, Benevento, on 21-22-23-24-26 November 1996


Mario: "I remember Mellow boss, Mauro Moroni, was a bit skeptikal about our capacity to do a Gentle Giant song. We tried instead all our best and I worked hard to get a decent vocal synchronicity in the 'Go your own way or wait for it' part (three different vocal harmonies). Although it wasn't deliberate, we were slowly developing a typical Algebra's attitude: changing the arrangements, adding a few new parts, the choice of the sax as the main solo instrument, using strange effects and sounds: in this case, Rino's ring, steps and answering voice and my whistle, which was lent me by my sister Maria. It was actually the whistle of our father, who had been a station master!"