Take A Pebble

(from Fanfare For The Pirates - A Tribute To ELP)

Mellow Records MMP 343 - 3 CD , November 1998

Mario Giammetti: lead & backing vocals, guitars, bass

Roberto Polcino: keyboards & programming

Franco Ciani: drums, rainstick

Rino Pastore: voice, water bearer, synth

Maria Giammetti: soprano saxophone

Recorded at Digital Studio, Benevento, June-August 1998


Mario: "The addition of a permanent drummer, Franco, was a great benefit for us. As also Salvatore used to do, Franco contributed very much to the musical arrangement. The credit 'water bearer' for Rino means that sometimes he can play very little on a song, as Roberto is more technical, but this has nothing to do with Rino's involvement in the arrangement (and composition, for our own stuff) of the songs, which is always very high. Again Roberto learnt the piano parts, and I used for the first time a new Sony processor for guitar which I had bought. Take A Pebble also features a few new parts inside: one of these, Rino sort of recited part of the lyrics. In fact, we had written more detailed and funny credits, which sadly Mellow edited on the album sleeve notes: Rino was credited as 'Take a lesson broadcast' (which was fundamental to indicate the irony of the bad pronouciation), while I was also credited as P.L.M. laughing (at the end you can hear a strange laugh) and Franco was also credited as playing brushed bongo, synthetic timpani and 'Why Not?' voice".