Song Within A Song

(from Harbour Of Joy - Camel Tribute)

Mellow Records MMP 299 - 2 CD, November 1996

Mario Giammetti: lead & backing vocals, bass, electric guitar

Rino Pastore: synthesizers

Salvatore Silvestri: drums & percussion

Roberto Polcino: piano, accordion

Maria Giammetti: alto sax

Recorded at Digital Studio, Benevento, on April 1996



Mario: "By the time we were asked to record a song by Camel, Roberto Polcino had became a full member of the band. He is an excellent player, and his experience proved to be fundamental for us since then. I am particularly affected to this song because we have rarely recorded in the studio as live as on this one. Apart from a metronome, we simply recorded our parts one after the other. Roberto wrote the piano introduction, and it was me who suggested him to do the central part with the accordion; this brought the song closer to our Neapolitan origins than to the original Canterbury flavour! I am also extremely satified from my vocals here. I don't think I have ever sang better than on this one".