A Prayer / You Can't

Radio Sannio Productions RS001

A Prayer (Giammetti)

Recorded at Cervinara April 1983.

Mario Giammetti: vocals, electric guitars, bass

Rino Pastore: keyboards

Salvatore Silvestri: drums, percussion


You Can't (Pastore)

Recorded at Cervinara March 1983.

Rino Pastore: lead vocals, keyboards

Mario Giammetti: electric guitar, backing vocals

Salvatore Silvestri: drums

Carmine Ielardi: bass

Mario: "We decided to record a demo tape with two songs written by Rino, Il muro and You Can't. While we were recording them, in March, we were approached by the owner of a local radio, who insisted to release a 7". It was so strange to us, especially as I had just joined the band! But of course we were very happy and decided to take a few weeks to arrange another song, which was my composition A Prayer. In the meantime, our bass player was forced to leave for work reasons, so I ended playing bass as well, something which I have always done since. We recorded this new song and sent the master of all three tracks to the printer, who sadly never sent them back. So Il Muro was definitely lost, although we have a recording on cassette! I remember Il Muro was firstly sang by Rino, but the owner of the studio, who would have later worked with people such as Edoardo Bennato, suggested we should have tried with another vocalist. Salvatore also had a go, but apparently my version (I was the last to try) was considered the best. This was how I became the first voice of Algebra!"