Mark E. Lawhon Classic Concerts Of The 1970s: The Encores Continue

Leathers Publishing
70 pages, $ 21.95

the book in for sale on the author's web site

A picture book, all in colour, featuring mostly snapshots taken at concerts in the seventies, by Mark E. Lawhon, whose photos have been used for record covers and in many other circumstances, especially for artists such as Kansas, Larry Coryell and Missouri.

Lawhon’s approach to pictures is, at least in this book, a bit peculiar. He likes to create effects surrounding the photos, work on them with the computer to give them a different look, often choosing images of subjects in motion. In spite of this, the approx 300 pictures featured here are beautiful, capturing great artists such as Led Zeppelin, Who, Yes, Weather Report, Return To Forever, Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, Rush.

Coming to what we are mostly interested in, two entire pages are devoted to Peter Gabriel’s first solo tour, images taken during the Kansas City show in 1977. Besides a few close-up shots of Peter, we appreciate a couple featuring a still (though scarcely) hairy Tony Levin, plus some nice pictures of the band. The book (which features also a few articles) can be ordered at this link