Il tour italiano di Steve Hackett:
Martedì 26 Aprile Firenze Saschall Booking +39 055 65 04 112 / +39 055 210 804
Online Booking
Mercoledì 27 Aprile Catania Teatro Metropolitan Tickets Box Office +39 095 72 25 340
Theatre Box Office +39 095 322 323
Giovedì 28 Aprile Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Teatro Elena Infoline: +39 348 2643433
Theatre Box Office: +39 02 248 0707 / 02 3656 9378
Venerdì 29 Aprile Schio (VI) Teatro Astra Box Office +39 0437 948 874
Sabato 30 Aprile To be confirmed    
Tra i dischi che si ascoltano nei minuti che precedono lo show di questo tour, segnaliamo:

dei RAIN, e su cui vi segnaliamo alcuni autorevoli commenti:

“I love this album – I’ve never heard anything like it.”
(Tour promoter – The Beatles and manager – Genesis/Phil Collins)

“A compelling freshness and originality and a fantastic voice.
The best thing I’ve heard for years.”

“Profoundly beautiful and totally engrossing.”
(Bafta award winning director of BBC Chaucer’s Canterbury tales, Father Ted etc.)

Very impressive… Quite Stunning!”

(Director – Classic Rock Society)

visitate il sito ufficiale:

“Wonderful music”


(Director A&R, EMI GMBH)


“Cerulean Blue is truly unlike anything I’ve ever heard.”


(Progressive Ears)


“There is nothing in my CD collection that I could compare it to. This is art rock at its finest!”


(New Ears)


“An immense achievement.”


(Falling Leaves)


“I really loved this album ever since I first heard it. The narration is incredible!  It ties the whole album together... Powerful, dramatic, and moving!”


(PP Radio Station and newsgroup St. Louis USA)






“Makes everything else I hear at the moment sound like noise.”



“Simply amazing… wow!”

Every now and then an album comes by that totally blows my mind and that is certainly the case with “Cerulean Blue”. With his angelic voice, RAIN and his cast of top musicians have written some simply beautiful music.”

“I must say you have a great voice – truly a gift.”



“We have already been giving it airplay and the response has been excellent.  It’s a great album!”


(DAPR Radio)


“I love it! It’s been on my CD auto-changer since I got it.”




“Very nicely constructed, intelligent music and an intriguing blend of influences. Also liked the vocal a lot.”


(Kudos Management – Steve Hackett)


“You have produced a fantastic album there my friend! Just finished listening to it properly and it’s transcended any pigeon hole I’ve tried to place it in.”



“I've enjoyed the wonderful reader comments over Rain's album, Cerulean Blue
and based on the samples, purchased the record. It's heartening to hear
other artists creating work in earnest that is thoughtful and
provocative.” (From ProgressiveMusicSociety e-list)



“Thank YOU, Rain!  One of the greatest gifts in this world is music.  I love concept albums, and this one is as well put together as any I have ever heard.  Considering the company that puts you in, I can give no higher praise! The song 'Jerusalem' is one of my favourites, I can't stop playing it! 
Thanks again for giving me a chance to hear this great work, and I look forward to future endeavours from you.”



“Stunning!!! I am off to buy right now!
Thanks to Rain for such a shimmering and gorgeous piece of work.”




“I absolutely love Cerulean Blue and am airing songs on each airshift, talking up the project to very appreciative listeners.  You've got a winner there, my friend”


(Progressive Soundscapes Radio)


I've listened to it at least 5 times now, ignoring several other promo CD's I've received. Cerulean Blue is just wonderful. I love the music, the narration and the quality of the studio work. I even love the packaging and cover art. I laughed out loud when I realized that you used the opening Mellotron chords of "Watcher of the Skies" for "Light and Magic", and even have a voice (which old SF movie is that anyway?) saying "Watch the Skies!" at the end just so I know it was no accident.

But what really makes it for me is the story. I've been a "spiritual seeker" all my life too, like Rick. When I was younger, I would have taken a "spiritual journey" like Rick if I had only had the guts to do so. But now I'm old Mr. Jaeger, too old to climb Mount McKinley any more (yes, I recognized it in the photo on the table in the "Ashes" film also, what a great bonus track to add to the CD). I hadn't guessed until the end that Rick ********* (the dénouement of the story!). Great story-telling!

Cerulean Blue is great, and I intend to bump it to the head of the line for review in the GEPR. If I was to go in the normal sequence, I'm currently reviewing CD's I received 2 years ago ... I get more CD's every month than I can possibly review, so they stack up. However, when I get a gem like Cerulean Blue, I bump it to the head of my queue and it gets a mention in the "Editor's Choice" section on the front page of the Gibraltar Encyclopaedia.

By the way, I put on Cerulean Blue for my wife last week as we were driving home from a dinner. She made me bypass our freeway off-ramp and keep going just so we could stay in the car long enough to finish the album (we were in the middle of Parsifal at the time). That's high praise! (This means they must have driven for another 40 minutes listening to the album!)


(Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock)


“I ordered your CD a few days ago and just got it in the mail here in eastern USA (Vermont). Amazingly fast delivery!

I must say I'm very blown away by your work. It's one of the best new things I've heard in quite a while. The production, mix, feel , playing are all top notch and it really draws me in. During a certain section in "New Jerusalem" I felt like I was starting to switch consciousness.
That's what MUSIC is all about.”


Magus (a band). Replying to Progressive Ears post.


“Received this in the mail the other day. A really lovely piece of work.”





”I've got it! - actually received it on Monday the 18th. I'm enjoying this music a lot. The mini-lp sleeve is cool, too. Congratulations on the Hackett exposure. Your music definitely gives me a Hackett-like vibe, even though it doesn't SOUND like Steve, so I think it would be very appropriate to intro into a Hackett show. I hope this will be a great success for you and that you'll want to continue to produce great music.”




“News of an album called CERULEAN BLUE by a new artist known as Rain has been spreading like fire around prog rock web groups. I just thought I'd pass the info around here.
You can download the whole album for free or order a copy of the high quality CD for cheap here:
If you like early Genesis, you'll love this album. Phil Collins has been raving about Rain non-stop.
The concept has something to do with a man's travels across America. Definitely check it out.”


Post on  


“Cerulean Blue is refreshingly unusual. Not just in its music, but in the storyline, the way it’s told, the way it’s distributed – and particularly, the impact it has on the listener. Rob Brown’s relaxed and husky delivery is pleasing, and although narrated vocals always get old after a while, this one has far more staying power than you might expect.

It’s a total audio/visual and emotional experience.”