Dave Thompson

Turn It On Again – Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis

Backbeat Books
330 pages
, $ 19.95

This large American book (size 19x23 cm.) is the upteenth biography whose goal is to tell Genesis’ 30-year history, with large parts dedicated to the solo careers of not only the two singers mentioned in the title, but also of all the other members of the band.

A first impression could make us deem this book useless; but this is not true, after some consideration. First of all the author, Dave Thompson, is a master in this field (he’s written many biographies and worked for famous magazines), who knows how to put his work in the correct historic frame, and so the cultural and musical references are really well done. Moreover, the text is augmented by a few rarely seen pictures (but it’s a shame that Mike Rutherford is constantly mistaken for Steve Hackett...) and is closed by a discography which is not perfect, but surely surprising coming from an author who’s not part of the “fan base”.

Maybe the only flaw of the book is the same as almost all the other ones about Genesis: there is no balance between the beginning part of their career and all the rest. Ok, the first years were the formative ones, but how can you devote 176 page to the seventies and little more than 100 to the remaining quarter of a century? Except for this little critic, we surely recommend this book.

Further information here: www.backbeatuk.com