Mario Giammetti

Steve Hackett

Edizioni Segno.
336 pages, 20 euro


“The Defector”, written in Italian language, is the first book ever published worldwide dedicated to Steve Hackett, Genesis guitarist from 1971 to 1977 but also owner of a brilliant solo career started in 1975 with the album “Voyage Of The Acolyte”, followed by twenty studio albums to date, including the successful GTR project with Steve Howe.

With the artist’s total approval (Hackett also wrote the preface) and the kind help of the management, family members and present and past collaborators, the book analyses in great detail the entire artistic path of the guitarist, mentioning Genesis of course, but mainly focusing in depth on the solo repertoire.

Hackett is in fact an artist who always liked to explore music genres apparently totally different from one another. You can find  in his music progressive, fusion, blues, ethnic, pop, hard rock, acoustic, orchestral classic and even more.

Like in the first volume of the “Genesis Files” series , which was about Phil Collins and published in January 2005, this book also features an appendix which is focused on Steve Hackett’s sound. This part of the book is written by Dardo Binetti, who is also a guitarist, and tries to find out with great precision the equipment, the sound effects and the touch of the English virtuoso.

The book ends with an exhaustive discography where not only Steve’s records are detailed, but also Genesis, Quiet World and GTR stuff, as well as Steve’s experiences as producer and session player.

The book also features about 60 pictures, half of which are in color.

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